Hey! I’m ashleigh!

If you’re on my website, that means you’re wanting to makes some fun, adventurous photos. HECK YES! I live for fun, authentic photos that capture the real and raw relationship of each individual love stories.

I have always loved photography. When I was seven my dad gave me a filminess camera and I spent all day obsessive over how you can change the story by moving around the perspective. When my grandfather passed away, we decided to get out some old photos of him and my grandmother who had been gone for quite some time. My eye was drawn to the photos where he was cutting up and being himself, laughing with friends. I feel that it shaped me as a photographer to capture real moments instead of posing my couples in stiff, plastic poses. I quickly began taking photos in high school and college, getting photos of my friends, working at a camp as the family photographer, and working in a studio. I set my camera down when I became a step mom and married my husband and when I was asked to do contract photography for my church, my expectations for this dream exploded.

After I had my son, I decided to hone in on what I enjoyed most when photographing: Love. Love is so different across the board. Every single story is filled with real and raw passion, depth, and beauty. I love to bring out those quirky habits and cute giggles. I love watching the pride in a man’s face as he tells his girl how proud he is of her. I love the admiration in a woman’s face as she recalls moments that he was a rock for her during her hardest times. Love is genuine and real and I love to be able to tell each story of every couple I meet.


—What happens next?—

If you’re here, chances are you are probably wanting photos with your love. YASSSS! Let’s make it happen! If you inquire with me, I will send you a pricing guide that enables you to choose a package that works for you. From there we will plan and collaborate to make this the session or wedding of your dreams. We can talk outfits, details, and make a plan for the overall day. I don’t want to be your photographer, I want to be your friend.